On What We Value

Valuing our experience is not narcissism. It is not endless self-involvement. It is, rather, the act of paying active witness to ourselves and to our world. Such witness is an act of dignity, an act that recognizes that life is essentially a sacred transaction of which we know only the shadow, not the shape. As we attune ourselves more and more closely to the value of passing moments, we learn that we are something of moment ourselves.”

Julia Cameron

What do you treasure most? What elements in your life do you assign the greatest value? Through one of her writing exercises, Julia Cameron advises us to draft a list of the aspects of our lives that we are most proud of. Rising up to take a birds-eye-view of our lives, where we can acknowledge the many victories, large and small, that we’ve accumulated through the years, we will come to realize that we have accomplished much more, often, than we are able to give ourselves credit for. Life, sometimes, races by and the events of a given day get lost without us having an opportunity to account for what really happened, in each moment. There is a running joke, in parenting circles, that, “the days take forever, and the years go by very quickly.” For those of us who find that these words ring true, we will one day arrive at the end our respective journeys and realize that we never really appreciated much of anything. With that being said, where in your life do you feel that you have really won? Are you pleased with the strengths, qualities, or virtues that you embody? Did you achieve profound personal or professional milestones? Do you assign great worth to a specific important person or series of influential people in your life? Whatever and whomever your list consists of, take a few moments out of the day to reflect on what you’ve included. Cherish these, each and every day.

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